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Green Marathon

4 June 2016

The fifth marathon sponsored by Sberbank took place in the dozens of Russian and foreign cities and towns on June 4, 2016. This marathon will be recorded in the Russian Book of Records as a sports event that takes place in the maximum number of cities and town during daylight hours.

Over 75 thousand participants, including 140,000 guests, took part in the Green Marathon – 2016. Over 2,000 people who like sports, health and environment took part in the Green Marathon – 2016 in Tyumen. The employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery were among them.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery and Sberbank have established good partner relations. For the years of cooperation, Sberbank time after time has proven its reliability and professionalism. The employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery always enthusiastically accept the invitation to take part in the Green Marathon, and this year is not exclusion.

Marathon-2016 gave many pleasant surprises, for example, girl race “Always on High”. 10 participants proved at a 50 m distance that the 8 cm heels did not prevent from running.

The youngest participant in the marathon was a 6 month old boy. Some baby participants could not run, but they could crawl very quickly. All participants did their best and were supported by their parents. The winner crawled 5 meters for 40 seconds.

The main event of the Green Marathon was a 4.2 km dash for women and men. Alexander Emelyanov, Squad Leader of Fire Station No. 1 of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, won in the men dash.

“Much more people took part in the dash this year as compared to the previous one”, shares his impressions Alexander. “There were many strong athletes in the dash: I met people with whom I took part in other competitions and contests. I was aimed at winning from the very beginning. This win is not the only one, however, every time I’m very glad to demonstrate my abilities and skills. I’m 43, but I take part in the completions head-to-head with young athletes”.

Another employee of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, Head of the Transport Department Eduard Federovich Bukhinsky, took part in the marathon for first time:

“The event is very good. I walked the first two falls together with our champion, Alexander Emelyanov. I’m very glad for my colleagues who regularly vindicate the honor of Antipinsky Oil Refinery at sports events and win. Next year, I’ll take part in the marathon once again. However, I would like to have score-sheets to learn the time”.

Maria Pavlova, Manager of the Cultural and Recreational Center of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, successfully run all 4.2 km. The date of the event felt on her birthday. That is why, she accepted congratulations literally on the run.

“I took part in the Green Marathon for the first time. This was my first marathon. I had participated in the Steel Endpoint races in Magnitogorsk in May 2016. I and my dog were on the third position. But then the distance was 3 km, and here 4.2 km.

It was difficult to run, with the hot sun above and strong contrary wind. After the first circle, I decided to withdraw. But I saw how my friends, my family and colleagues supported me, and I decided not to surrender. I ran with the loose laces and saw how other participants left the event. But I did not give way!

After finishing, the participants were awarded diplomas for the striving for new achievements, love to sports and personal participation in the breaking the record in the nomination “Sports event that takes place in the maximum number of cities and town during daylight hours.” It was a new milestone and new emotions for me. My birthday was very positive and I am sure I will remember this sports birthday for long.

I would like to say that I’m proud of my colleague, Alexander Emelyanov, who wins the marathon for the fourth time. His win inspires and embraves. And everybody wants to share his success! I welcome all who work at Antipinsky Oil Refinery to take part in the next competitions or support the participants!”

The representatives of the administration of Antipinsky Oil Refinery also took part in the Green Marathon and supported their colleagues. Elena Vyacheslavovna Polyakova, Deputy General Director /Personnel, was among them:

“I took part the Green Marathon for the second time”, says Elena Vyacheslavovna. “I think the idea of the Green Marathon is very good and positive.

I am proud of my colleagues, both the winners and the participants, and I am glad to see the families and good mood here. I hope the number of my colleagues who take part in the marathon will grow, and the number of winners from our Antipinsky Oil Refinery will grow, as well.”

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is proud of its employees and wishes them further success!

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