1. Green Future: 400 People Take Part in Volunteer Cleanup Day in Buzuluk Pinewood

Green Future: 400 People Take Part in Volunteer Cleanup Day in Buzuluk Pinewood

26 August 2015

On August 26, a large-scale cleanup was held in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park with the participation of about 400 people. Among them were members of the Orenburg Region government, executives of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery and New Stream oil company, representatives of the Buzuluk District and Buzuluk City administrations, Orenburg Region Mixed Marshal Arts Federation, Orenburg Region Sambo Federation, VBK CJSC construction company, youth movements, public organizations, local residents and journalists of Orenburg and Buzuluk media.

Addressing the cleanup participants from Orenburg before their departure Vera Bashirova, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government, said:

About a month ago, on July 24, I, together with you, took part in the first cleanup day organized by our volunteer eco-team. Today, the First Deputy Minister of Forestry and Game Husbandry Vladimir Ryabov and Deputy Minister of Labor and Employment Irina Makeeva have joined out efforts.

The Vice Governor stressed that the participants are doing something very important – cleaning the pinewood from garbage.

It is a whole set of activities aimed at the preservation of the national park’s ecosystem. What is important is that the Green Future campaign to save the pinewood brought together people engaged in different occupations, and what is particularly important is that the Orenburg Region schoolchildren and young people joined the campaign.

The participants of the cleanup day in Buzuluk Pinewood were joined by Ildar Zyabbarov, Director General of New Stream Oil Company LLC, Vladimir Sadov, Head of the Buzuluk District, Dmitry Bashkatov, Deputy Head of the Buzuluk City Administration.

The eco-team cleaned part of the national park from garbage. The campaign participants collected huge piles of lumber production waste, plastic bottles and bags, and other garbage.

A lot of volunteers have come to help clean up the Buzuluk Pinewood today. It gives me joy to see that Orenburg young people are so environmentally conscious. After all, the environmental condition of the region largely depends on the people who live here. Thanks to everyone who participated in our pinewood cleanup event,
said Ildar Zyabbarov. He also noted that until recently environmental protection had been the concern of only certain people and now caring for environment became engrained in our lives.

I am sure that it is very important to spark interest in environmental issues in the younger generation, instill in them the right attitude to themselves, nature and the environment. Тhis is the only way to save our planet. It largely depends on the family, but we can also contribute. That is why New Stream Oil Company announces a competition among 9-11 grade pupils and students pursuing environmental studies at Orenburg higher educational institutions, where they will have to make a video featuring environmental issues. The creators of three winning videos in each subgroup will be awarded trips to famous national parks of different countries. The details of the competition will be announced in due course,
said the Director General of New Stream Oil Company LLC.

With today’s event, we draw attention to the problem first and foremost of those who allow themselves to take garbage to the forest. We encourage people to be environmentally conscious.  A human being must remain a human being and take a responsible approach to nature – this is the main message of the campaign. I am sure that various events will be held as part of the campaign on a regular basis and we will be able us to protect the forest reserve,
said Vladimir Ryabov, First Deputy Minister of Forestry and Game Husbandry.

As part of the Green Future campaign, 10 teenagers from the Buzuluk District who worked in the pinewood in August were presented by Irina Makeeva, Deputy Minister of Labor and Employment, with work record books issued in accordance with the Russian Federation law. Temporary employment of teenagers was made possible by agreement between the Orenburg Region Government, Antipinsky Oil Refinery and New Stream Oil Company. The kids received their salaries transferred by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, payments from the employment service and schoolbags with school supplies for the new school year, as well as 10,000-ruble gift vouchers to purchase their school uniforms and sportswear.

It is a very important moment for the kids today – they have received their first work record books that they will take to their adult life. In is important that the first entries in the books were made thanks to their work to protect and preserve the Buzuluk Pinewood,
said Irina Makeeva. She wished the teenagers good luck in their future professional lives.

The cleaning of the Buzuluk Pinewood area is a set of activities organized by oil companies and the Government of the region. The cleanup day became the second large-scale event to clean up the park. The first environmental event which started the public movement to save the pinewood took place on July 24. The July cleanup day brought together 250 people – employees of the regional government, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, New Stream oil company, representatives of the region’s youth organizations, residents of the Buzuluk District and Orenburg media journalists. 

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