1. Green Future in Buzuluk Pinewood

Green Future in Buzuluk Pinewood

24 July 2015

On July 24, the Green Future campaign initiated by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery was launched in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park starting a set of activities carried out as part of the cooperation program between the Orenburg Region Government and Antipinsky Oil Refinery to eliminate the negative impact of human activity on the Buzuluk Pinewood environment. The cleanup day brought together about 250 people including representatives of youth movements, public organizations, local residents and Orenburg media journalists.

The aim of the first eco-team that came to the Buzuluk Pinewood was to clean the national park area from garbage and waste. The eco-team members were joined by Vera Bashirova, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government and Ildar Zyabbarov, Director of New Stream Oil Company.

The campaign participants saw with their own eyes the damage done to the forest reserve by unauthorized garbage disposal: huge piles of lumber production waste, plastic bottles and bags, and other garbage formed a huge waste deposit directly adjacent to the park boundaries and stretching for hundreds of meters. The situation within the pinewood proved to be no better.

Vera Bashirova, Vice Governor, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government emphasized that the campaign to clean up the Buzuluk Pinewood was real help that the park needs so badly.

The second stage of the set of environmental activities in the Buzuluk Pinewood, as part of the development of systemic cooperation between the Orenburg Region Ministry of Labor and Employment and Antipinsky Oil Refinery, was temporary employment of teenagers during school summer vacation. In August 10 teenagers and young people aged 14 -18 will clean up the pinewood and help the forest guards to keep the pinewood clean and remove garbage and waste. 

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