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  1. ELOU-AT-2 Modernization Completed

ELOU-AT-2 Modernization Completed

1 November 2012

Dear colleagues, friends and partners! 

We would like to inform you that Antipinsky Oil Refinery has completed modernization of ELOU-AT-2. As of today the capacity of this unit amounts to 404 tons of refined oil per 1 hour what is equivalent to 3 million 540 thousand tons per year.

As from the new year the refinery will transfer to operation with the equivalent of 4 million 200 thousand tons per year (ELOU-AT-1 + ELOU-AT-2). 

Permitted maximum aggregate technical potential of the refinery amounts to 4 million 280 thousand tons of refined oil per year.

Yours respectfully,
the Board Of Directors 

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