Second Phase Commissioning

5 May 2010

At the end of April 2010 Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC jointly with the general contractor in charge of the implementation of the technological part of the project, Omskoe Montazhnoe Upravlenie Spetsializirovannoe – 1 OJSC (OMUS-1), and Severodonetsky ORGHIM CJSC start-up company have successfully completed commissioning and adjustment works with regard to equipment forming part of the 2nd phase of the refinery.

From May 1 the complex of equipment has been put into industrial operation.

As a result of the 2nd phase commissioning the capacity of the enterprise on oil refining will exceed 4 million tons per year. Directly distilled gasoline, commercial-grade diesel duel and commercial-grade fuel oils are the products of the 2nd phase of the refinery.

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