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  1. Emergency Exercise at LPG Storage Facility

Emergency Exercise at LPG Storage Facility

9 October 2015

On October 9, a comprehensive emergency exercise titled “Response Actions in Case of Emergency at LPG Storage Facility” was conducted at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. The main goal of the exercise was for all municipal rescue services to learn the approach routes, composition, structure, location and production capabilities of the newly commissioned facility – the LPG Storage Facility.

The objectives of the exercise were to:

  • verify the feasibility of civil defense and emergency response (CD & ER) plans, refinery employees protection plan, to double check the activities scheduled and bring them in line with the requirements for organizing activities as part of the Russian Uniform Emergency Prevention and Response System (RUEP&RS) and CD & ER activities at the enterprise;
  • improve preparedness of the management bodies, units, refinery employees to take proper actions when handling RUEP&RS tasks;
  • help the management team to develop skills to implement CD & ER activities in an independent and confident manner;
  • verify the effectiveness of activities to improve the process stability at the LPG Storage Facility in the event of an emergency;
  • determine the LPG Storage Facility level of preparedness to handle RUEP&RS tasks in a complex situation including consequences terrorist arracks;
  • explore the capabilities of the enterprise’s volunteer ERTs and how they can be most effectively used in complex situations.

127 people took part in the exercise: LPG Storage Facility experts, members of the refinery’s volunteer emergency response teams (VERTs) – the radiation and chemical reconnaissance squad, first aid and decontamination squad, subdivisions of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Fire Fighting Unit No. 1 LLC,  Tyumen Fire Guard and Rescue Garrison, fire fighting train of the Siberian Extra-departmental Defense Unit of the Sverdlovsk Railway Branch of the Federal State Enterprise “Extra-departmental Security Service of Railroad Transport of the Russian Federation”, an ambulance team of the Disaster Medicine Center and a rescue team of the Tyumen Region Emergency Response Service.

The Federal Fire Fighting Service assigned 3 units of equipment and 32 people from operational and command staff of the Tyumen City Fire Guard Garrison,
explained Sergei Leonidovich Smerdov, Head of the Fire Fighting Service of the Crisis Management Center at the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Tyumen Region.

According to the exercise scenario, an emergency at the liquefied petroleum gases storage facility resulted in partial seal failure of process equipment and a gas leak. As was determined by employees of radiological and chemical monitoring service, the liquid spill area was 150 square meters. To prevent possible fire and further gas evaporation, the fire fighting brigades who arrived at the emergency scene used a foam monitor to cover the entire spill area with a great amount of foam.

However, according to the next situation to occur, during the emergency localization gas ignition accompanied by jet fire took place.

To extinguish the mock fire and cool down the adjacent tanks, two portable fire monitors were deployed and used at a safe distance from the affected area.

At the final stage according to the exercise plan, thermal radiation caused grass fire. The fire spread to the forest in the direction of railway tracks. The Fire fighting train team was called to extinguish the fire.

Unfortunately, there are no approach lines to the LPG Storage Facility, but we can accomplish at least three tasks: put out forest fire, protect the railroad and protect the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. We have laid a trunk line, supplied a monitor to put out fire in the forest and two diffuser branches to protect the railroad,
says Renat Naskhatovich Rechapov, head of the Tyumen Station fire fighting train.

Once the fire was localized, a control check for new fire areas and a detailed review of all stages of the exercise were conducted.

I believe all the goals and objectives set for the exercise participants have been achieved in full and to a high standard. A special mention goes to well-coordinated work to implement the emergency response plan by the LPG Storage Facility shift led by the Head of the LPG Storage Facility Evgeny Viktorovich Barabash, who in a short time managed to properly teach the newly formed team. Unfailingly excellent in their work were the employees of VERT radiation and chemical reconnaissance squad, in particular, Lyubov Sergeevna Bronnikova, Grade 4 Senior Chemical Laboratory Assistant, and VERT first aid and decontamination squad including Tatyana Alexandrovna Norgorodtseva, biologist, Alena Anatolievna Pikinerova, Grade 5 Chemical Laboratory Assistant, Alexei Sergeevich Lyulin, Grade 4 Chemical Laboratory Assistant, and Alexander Andreevich Gaev, Grade 5 Chemical Laboratory Assistant. VERT employees have for many years honed their emergency response actions by participating in various trainings and exercises. This August VERT first aid and decontamination squad has won the Tyumen city review competition for the best VERT unit,
noted Alexander Ivanovich Babich, Head of the CD &ER Department.

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