1. Triumph of the Team of New Stream in Orenburg

Triumph of the Team of New Stream in Orenburg

27 May 2016

A number of important sport events took place in Orenburg at the end of May. The Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championship of Russia took place in Sports Complex Orenburzhye on May 26, 2016 and the large professional tournament M-1 Challenge 66 “Battle in the Heart of the Continent” took place on May 27, 2016. The best Russian and foreign athletes took part in the events. 

The international tournament was sponsored by the Federation of the Mixed Martial Arts of Orenburzhye, M-1 Global, Regional Non-Profit-Making Organization New Stream and Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Both events were devoted to Alexander Prokhorenko from Orenburg, who died in Syria. The viewers, guests and participants in the tournament honored legacy of the Russian military intelligence officer with one minute's silence. “His heroic deed became history of our country and will live in our hearts. 25 years old Sasha Prokhorenko killed dozens of terrorists at the expense of his life. Our country is proud of such officers like him”, said Yuri Navrazhny, President of Regional Non-Profit-Making Organization “New Stream”, who attended the tournament. Honored guests of the competitions were Yuri Berg, Governor of Orenburg region, Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, Vadim Finkelstein, President of M-1 Global and Fedor Emelyanenko, President of the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts of Russia. 

Timur Nagibin and Damir Ismagulov from Orenburg Club “Fighter” who fought for the team of New Stream at the tournament, swept in their duel meet. 
Timur Nagibin proved to be stronger than his opponent on the ring, Mikhail Korobkov, who had won 9 times and had never come to grief. The fight was held in the weight class up to 65.8 kg. The winners were chosen by the panel of judges. Timur Nagibin attempted a number of serious attacks, but he failed to knockout Korobkov. The judges named Timur Nagibin a winner. “I’m not satisfied with my performance,” said Timur Nagibin after the fight. “I trained hard myself in our school “Storm” under the guidance of Alexander Shlemenko, but I had no chance to demonstrate all my skills and abilities. I think I’m too young and I have to accumulate experience and power.”

According to the viewers, the Damir Ismagulov’s fight was the most breathtaking. The fighter from Orenburg proved himself to be stronger than Raul Tatarauli from Georgia in the weight class up to 70.3 kg. Although  the representative of Georgia was of considerable dimensions, he became to retreat visibly by the end of the second round. The result was achieved on the third minute of the third round when Damir effectively attacked by his left leg and made takedown, took up a wait-and-see attitude and beat the opponent completely, securing a win with the technical knockout. After the fight, Damir told that the fight with Georgian athlete was hard and he thanked his father, his uncle and his grandmother for the striving for a win. “I have never lost at home,” said Damir to the press after the fight. “I trained very hard and I would like to thank my coaches. Raul Tatarauli pretended to the belt. Now I think the sponsors will give me a chance to win it. I’ll bring the belt to Orenburg.” 

The Orenburg fighters were given the glad hand in Sports Complex “Orenburzhye”. Four thousands of viewers chanted the names of the fighters to support them. Cadets from Orenburg beat the drums.  

Both winners thanked all members of the team “New Stream” headed by its captain Alexander Shlemenko for the presence at the tournament and support. The starts of the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts of Russia: Andrey Koreshkov, Alexander Sarnavsky, Alexey Kunchenko and Mikhail Ragozin, studied the progress of the fights thereby supporting the fighters.

Accoirding to the separate judges' decision, the amateur member of the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts, Rashid Yusupov, fought off Viktor Nemkov from FedorTeam.

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