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  1. The TSU hosted the day of Antipinsky Refinery

The TSU hosted the day of Antipinsky Refinery

17 April 2019
The day of Antipinsky Refinery was held at Tyumen State University (TSU), within which the specialists of the plant told about the activities of the enterprise and its personnel policy.

The event was organized by the Career and Work Center for graduates at the University for students and graduates of the "Chemistry" direction in the framework of the partnership program held between Antipinsky Refinery and TSU. The main purpose of it is to practice and train students with the possibility of further employment at the plant.

In the format of the presentation, representatives of the refinery told about the most popular specialists of the "Chemistry" profile direction, as well as about the requirements for applicants and employees. Particular attention was paid to the work in the Central factory laboratory, whose units are responsible for quality control of products and monitoring of the environment. At the end of the event, the specialists of the company answered the students' questions and conducted several express interviews.

Antipinsky Refinery is actively involved in educational projects of the Tyumen region. In particular, on the basis of plant there is organized practical modular training during which students of profile directions can receive primary professional skills.

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