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  1. The shareholder of Antipinsky Oil Refinery gathered the pupils of the "Borki" house for the school

The shareholder of Antipinsky Oil Refinery gathered the pupils of the "Borki" house for the school

27 August 2020
The oil company "SOCAR ENERGORESURS" helped the inmates of the "Borki" rehabilitation home for families and children to prepare for the new academic year. On the eve of September 1, employees of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery handed over new backpacks to schoolchildren, as well as more than 300 items of stationery, sportswear and personal hygiene products.

- Two months ago the SOCAR ENERGORESURS company presented the Borki house with laptops and other equipment so that the children could study remotely and communicate with loved ones in conditions of complete isolation. Today we are very glad that the pupils of the Borkovsky home are returning to their usual rhythm of life and will begin the school year very soon. We hope that new school supplies and other gifts will help make the educational process easier and more interesting, and from the bottom of our hearts we wish our little friends only excellent marks, - commented Fedor Fadeenko, Deputy Director of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery for General and Social Issues.

The Borki Rehabilitation House for Families and Children has been a ward for the Antipinsky Oil Refinery for several years. The plant provides the institution not only with sponsorship, but also with volunteer assistance - on the eve of the New Year, for example, employees of the enterprise prepared a festive performance with the pupils of "Borkov" for a month. Since 2020, the shareholder of the Atyrau Refinery, the oil company SOCAR ENERGORESURS, has fully undertaken charitable assistance to the Borkovsky house.

- I would like to express my deep gratitude to the SOCAR ENERGORESURS company for the assistance provided. In recent months, we were in complete isolation, regularly held master classes and spent all the supplies of office supplies and supplies that we planned to use to prepare the children for the school year. Now we have the opportunity to adequately gather the children for school, ”concluded Olga Letova, head of the Borki House branch.

Reference Information:

The Russian oil company SOCAR ENERGORESURS entered the share capital of JSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery and its subsidiary production structure LLC Oil Company Novy Potok in June 2019. PJSC Sberbank is a strategic partner and project participant. Institutional expertise and support of the company's operating activities is carried out by another member of the company - the oil company SOCAR.

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