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  1. The “Best in Profession” and “Honorary Tutor” are awarded and titled

The “Best in Profession” and “Honorary Tutor” are awarded and titled

15 August 2019
The results of the recent “Best in Profession” and “Honorary Tutor” contests have been finalized at Antipinsky Refinery with an awarding ceremony held on 13th August at the palace of culture “Poisk”.

72 employees took part in the 2019 contest “Best in profession” to determine the top ones in the following nine nominations: process unit operator, process pump operator, instrument repairman, loading operator, compressor operator, chemistry lab technician, electric equipment repair and maintenance fitter, chemical water treatment equipment operator and motor vehicle driver.

“This professional skill contest was started at Antipinsky Refinery in 2016 and during this time 311 employees had been involved in it. I would like to express my gratitude towards all the participants for their professional approach in this competition as well as towards your loved ones for their energy-boosting support helping you to perform your work efficiently to the benefit of our company. Thank you for your work!”, noted Sergey Pankov, the First Deputy General Manager in Charge of Manufacturing, in his congratulatory speech.

Nine employees of the company have been “Honorary Tutor”-titled over the official ceremony. The mentorship program began its realization in Russian companies since 2014 being meant to minimize the adaptation period for new employees as well as to avoid a trainee’s erroneous actions resulting in the inflicted bodily harm.

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