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  1. Technical Director of Antipinsky Refinery made a report at the meeting in Tyumen government

Technical Director of Antipinsky Refinery made a report at the meeting in Tyumen government

11 April 2019
Technical Director of Antipinsky Refinery Sergey Murzin made a report on the implementation of environmental projects at the plant in the framework of a meeting held in the government of the Tyumen region with the participation of heads of large industrial enterprises of the region.

The event was devoted to the environmental situation in the region, as well as the implementation of the national project "Ecology".

During his speech, Sergey Murzin spoke about the company's activities in the field of environmental protection and outlined plans for the coming years. In particular, he noted that the modern analytical equipment of the Central plant laboratory allows to control the state of the environmental situation. Thus, all samples taken at Antipinsky Refinery in 2018, meet the regulatory requirement. 

In the medium term, the plant plans to implement a number of projects aimed at creating a system of automatic control and accounting of pollutant emissions. This system will be equipped with a cyber-analytical component related to the technological process of production and capable of predicting and preventing environmental risks.

Antipinsky Refinery actively applies best practices to protect the environment. Among the implemented projects aimed at minimizing the impact of the production process on the environment are the treatment facilities of the plant. Antipinsky oil refinery has five-stage water treatment facilities with a combined biological treatment unit. This technology allows to return to the river Tour the cleaner water compared to the original that meets the goals and objectives of the national project of ecological rehabilitation of water objects.

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