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  1. SOCAR Energoresource: refinery personnel tested for Covid-19 and PPE obtained for Tyumen physicians

SOCAR Energoresource: refinery personnel tested for Covid-19 and PPE obtained for Tyumen physicians

30 April 2020
SOCAR Energoresource is assisting to Tyumen Region Administration in coronavirus pandemic spreading and takes measures to identify and prevent the virus transmission around Antipinsky Refinery.

The medical PPE such as 3700 hazmat suits has been bought by OOO SOCAR Energoresource for Tyumen physicians combating Covid-19 pandemic and donated to the regional medical center “Reserve”.

Since 2019 the Tyumen region has become one of the key operations area for SOCAR Energoresource, so the company considers it their duty to take measures in preventing the coronavirus transmission around Antipinsky Refinery.

Antipinsky Refinery is pressing on with their schedule in high alert mode without slashing the planned capacity.

SOCAR Energoresource has arranged and paid the Covid-19 tests for Antipinsky Refinery personnel. The lab specialists have sampled more than 800 employees.
According to Vadim Shipovapov, Chief Medical Officer of Antipinsky Refinery, the given quantity of samples would be quite enough at this juncture:
“No need to perform intensive sampling as the available findings allowed to have analysed the situation in departments. Besides, I don’t find the testing of all employees reasonable in a period when laboratories remain work-loaded to the maximum”.

For Covid-19 testing purposes the state-of-the-art test system have been used allowing with pin-point accuracy to identify a disease even in a symptom-free form.

Also, a full package of epidemiological protection measures is being implemented within the company for preventing virus transmission among the employees. All refinery staff members are now equipped with face masks and decontaminating equipment, the sanitization is constantly run at the production facilities, on a daily basis the health service is checking the body temperature of the refinery employees and subcontractor personnel. The authorized employees should maintain a safe 2-meter distance from one another within the refinery territory as well as comply with the other sanitary-epidemiological requirements. The current situation in company is under control of the special round-the-clock monitoring control center.

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