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  1. SOCAR Energoresource provides additional 6 million RUB in aid of Tyumen health workers

SOCAR Energoresource provides additional 6 million RUB in aid of Tyumen health workers

21 May 2020
An individual safety equipment which is several thousand items of ventilators, medical gloves, mop caps and sanitizing agents meant for Tyumen doctors doing whatever necessary and possible to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic has been bought and delivered by oil company SOCAR Energoresource to the regional medical center RESERVE.

“Every day Tyumen doctors keep on saving lives of those people who, I regret to say, are already virus-infected. Our task is to assist doctors in preserving their health.
For today we have handed over to the center RESERVE more than two tons of sanitizers, ventilator, caps and gloves that have been bought with funds donated by SOCAR Energoresource, the shareholder of Antipinsky Refinery”, commented Kirill Bakhmetyev, the First deputy director of Antipinsky Refinery.

The total value of the gifted protective gear is amounting to 3 million rubles. The additional 3 million rubles have been transferred by SOCAR to the Tyumen Charity Development Fund as part of a Project “Together we’ll beat the virus”. In the nearest time SOCAR intends to dispatch a third lot of protective gear to Tyumen doctors.

“On a daily basis the Tyumen Region Healthcare Department holds in check the availability of protective gear in all our healthcare organizations. And we always gladly receive charity support because in the current situation this protective gear would never go amiss. A fair amount of ventilators, gloves, caps and disposable hazmat suits are being used daily in clinics, ambulances and at sampling. So we are very thankful to the organizations that assist us in obtaining this stuff”, stated Alexandra Malygina, a spokesperson of the Healthcare Department.
It should be reminded that 3700 hazmat suits have been donated by SOCAR Energoresource to the center RESERVE in the end of April.
Reference info:
In June 2019 the Russian oil company OOO SOCAR Energoresource has been included in the capital of JSC Antipnsky Refinery and its subsidiary, an operating company OOO New Stream Group. PJSC Sberbank is presented as a strategic partner and project stakeholder. The institutional evaluation and operations support of the company is being provided by another company member, SOCAR, the state oil company of the Azerbaijani Republic.

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