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  1. SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE invites students for a paid internship at Antipinsky Refinery

SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE invites students for a paid internship at Antipinsky Refinery

18 June 2020
SOCAR Energoresource is now initiating a salaried internship program at Antipinsky Refinery for the profession-oriented senior students from across Russia. Over a period of two months the interns tutored by academic advisers will be developing their own business and technical projects.

“This is not the first year when SOCAR is bringing off a program like this. And now in 2020 we have come to a decision to make use of this experience at Antipinsky Refinery. In the long term we expect to obtain highly-skilled professionals who right after getting employed would be ready to swing into action”, noted Gabil Mikailov, Director of Repair and Construction Department.

Internship at Antipinsky Refinery is the first step towards the realization of the SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE’s ambitious corporate program that encompasses the selection of talented and gifted students, the practical work placement and an internship project, professional improvement at the training center and further employment in the company. The candidate’s research interests may encompass both the industrial and business processes of the refinery. Upon completion of the program, the interns’ projects will be reviewed by the experts.

“A project like this is the novel one for Antipinsky Refinery, made real owing to the support of SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE. Quite possible, students may not only gain an invaluable industrial hands-on experience and continue their exploratory activities but also get a financial reward”, emphasized Elena Polyakova, Deputy HR Director.

A reimbursement of travel and lodging costs for non-local students accommodated in Tyumen-city is provided for by the program. Selection of candidates for participation in the program will last until the 22nd of June. An application may be filed at the Antipinsky official site.

Reference info:
The Russian oil company OOO SOCAR Energoresource has been included in the capital of JSC Antipnsky Refinery and its subsidiary, an operating company OOO New Stream Group, in June 2019. PJSC Sberbank comes as a strategic partner and project stakeholder. The institutional evaluation and operations support of the company is being provided by another company member, SOCAR, the state oil company of the Azerbaijani Republic.

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