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  1. Socar Energoresource donates laptops to multi-child families

Socar Energoresource donates laptops to multi-child families

15 May 2020
Oil company Socar Energoresource has bought 16 laptops for high schoolers from the needy families. Computer equipment for distance learning purposes has been gifted to parents with many children who had earlier requested assistance to the regional social rehabilitation center “Family”

Kirill Bakhmetyev, First Deputy Director of Antipinsky Refinery: “During coronavirus pandemic many Russian families especially the multi-child ones have had to be facing a problem such as a lack of computer equipment needed for children’s distance learning. Thanks to Socar Energoresource, the shareholder of Antipinsky Refinery, now this issue has been partially resolved. Hope that these laptops will help Tyumen pupils to gain new knowledge and apply it for their good.

Seiko, the Tyumen family, was among the first to obtain laptops.

Mom Oksana Seiko confesses: “We have seven children, three of whom learning distantly. They have to do their home assignment in copybooks, then photo it and send to the teacher’s cell phone. Of course, that’s inconvenient. Now there is a good opportunity for efficient studying. The children are happy, especially the eldest one, a 7th grade student for whom this is the first laptop in his life”.

Elena Perminova, director of the regional center “Family” noted that there are many families in Tyumen faced with the same problem.
“Not for everyone it is possible to ensure a distance learning for children, so the support from Socar Energoresource is very important. The personnel of the company is doing a good deed helping the families in need”, concluded Elena Perminova.

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