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  1. Shareholder of Antipinsky Refinery donates computer equipment to the children's rehab center BORKI

Shareholder of Antipinsky Refinery donates computer equipment to the children's rehab center BORKI

19 June 2020
Some computer equipment has been obtained by oil company SOCAR Energoresource and gifted to the family and children’s rehabilitation center BORKI. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, subsequently, the lack of technical capabilities the 99 children in rehab center remain fully quarantined since March 18 unable to continue studying, spend their leisure and even remotely communicate with family members, friends and volunteers.

“BORKI center has always been under the tutelage of Antiponsky Refinery. Owing to SOCAR Energoresource, the shareholder of Antipinsky Refinery, these days we have delivered to the center all necessary computer equipment such as PCs, laptops, multifunction devices and a photo printer. Many of us ourselves have experienced how psychologically difficult it is to stay in isolation lacking a normal communication even though having the most up-to-date gadgets. We are very pleased that our gifts may have partially covered demands of the BORKI center”, said Kirill Bakhmetyev, First Deputy Director of Antipinsky Refinery.

“Computer equipment is essential for children of the center not only as the means of distance learning but also for communication. Nowadays we have to stay locked-down and children cannot meet up with their family members and loved ones. Thanks to SOCAR Energoresource now they have an opportunity at least to communicate via the skype. There are hundred children living in BORKI center and, of course, there was a lack of computers before. Some of the center personnel used to bring their own laptops in order to keep up accordingly with an educational process”, noted Olga Letova, Director of the BORKI center branch office.

It should also be reminded that 16 laptops have been donated last May by SOCAR Energoresource to students from the low-income families. Computer equipment for distance learning have been obtained by parents of the multi-children families who earlier applied to the regional center FAMILY.

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