1. Happy Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Day!

Happy Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Day!

4 September 2015

Dear friends! Esteemed colleagues!

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your professional holiday – Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Employee Day! This day is a pleasant occasion to sum up the results of complex and difficult work.

Nowadays, given a difficult economic situation, the oil refinery segment is one of the key segments in the oil industry.  It is the segment the industry’s future and overall performance pivots on. I am certainly pleased to note the fact that among oil refinery enterprises undergoing large-scale modernization, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is one of the most advanced. 

This year has become an important milestone for our enterprise, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery has moved to a fundamentally new qualitative level of development. The construction of the diesel hydrotreating unit has been completed enabling us to produce Euro-5 standard fuel.

In the near future, there will be yet another chain of important events for the refinery to look forward to. After the commissioning of the diesel hydrotreating unit the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will establish a sustainable production of summer and winter Euro-5 diesel fuel to the amount of 2.8 million tons per annum. We are also planning to achieve the maximum oil refining depth of up to 94% this year by completing the construction of the deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel oil vacuum distillation module. 

In 2016, the range of petroleum products manufactured by the refinery will be supplemented by Euro standard gasoline.  The construction of the combined high-octane gasoline unit will be financed by Sberbank of Russia under the credit facility agreement for the amount of RUB 15.173 bn signed in June this year.

A successful fund raising experience gives the enterprise confidence in its future and the implementation of all its plans, and the refinery’s progressive advance will continue in the years to come.

Dear friends, allow us to express our gratitude to you for the large-scale, comprehensive work you have done, for the impressive result our enterprise has already achieved and the foundation of its future achievements that you are laying today. Not only do you contribute your knowledge and professionalism to our common cause, but you also put your hearts and souls into it.

We cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish your good health, happiness, family well-being and further success!

Yours truly, Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

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