1. Refutation of Published Information

Refutation of Published Information

24 September 2018
New Stream claims about the refutation of the information published by Kommersant edition in the article "New Stream has got the flow stopped" of 24.09.2018. The information given in the article regarding the shutdown of New Stream's operations in connection with the cessation of the supply of hydrocarbon raw materials is incorrect and inadequate.

Today the production program of enterprises, managed by JSC New Stream, is being implemented in full. None of refineries, managed by JSC New Stream, has not stopped its work or allowed production to stop. As of Friday evening, September 21, 2018, when according to the publication, oil supplies to the New Stream refineries allegedly stopped, the pumping of raw materials through the pipeline to the enterprises was carried out on a regular basis.

All New Stream companies have the necessary stock of raw materials in tanks for stable operation. Within the framework of the optimal implementation of the production program, a flexible alternation of raw material deliveries by pipeline or rail may be carried out depending on the current market conditions and the maintenance program.

We also draw attention to the fact that Kommersant's mention of the Afipsky refinery as a New Stream company is incorrect, the refinery is not a member of New Stream.

In connection with the above, New Stream considers Kommersant publication as damaging the business reputation of the company and reserves the right to demand the refutation of false data.

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