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19 August 2010

On August 19 representatives of Axens, one of the major French companies engaged in the licensing of oil refining technologies, came on a three-day visit to Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.
In the course of the technical conference devoted to the design of the refinery’s workflow phase III possible variants of diesel hydrotreating units with dewaxing modules were considered, and a number of relevant topics were discussed.

The conference was attended by a group of specialists from the Institute of Petroleum Refining of the Republic of Bashkortostan which is the General Contractor for the building of facilities of workflow phase III of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.

The conference resulted in the approval of the principal scheme of modifying diesel fuel according to which any oil product will be delivered to the dewaxing unit after hydrotreating only in its preset volume what will make it possible to reduce both, expenses for the unit construction and production costs. The said scheme of fuel ennobling will allow the refinery to produce arctic, winter, and summer diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard.

Technical conferences involving experts of all the companies concerned are of a regular nature since from this may Axens firm has been implementing the basic design of the unit in question within the framework of a bilateral agreement and the general contractor has been engaged in the work even since the stage of pre-project study and the drawing up of the technical assignment for drafting the basic design.

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