1. Acquisition of Bitumen Production Facility

Acquisition of Bitumen Production Facility

18 April 2016

ALFA LLC has completed the acquisition of Bitumnoye Proizvodstvo LLC, whose core asset, a bitumen plant has the capacity to produce 26 grades of paving bitumen under JITEX brand.

The bitumen plant located in the city of Kstovo in the Nizhny Novgorod Region became a subsidiary of ALFA LLC acting as a tar processing shop enabling the plant with the participation of Mariysky Oil Refinery to reach the refining depth of 90% this year without having to build additional units.

Bitumnoye Proizvodstvo LLC has innovative technologies for the production of a wide range of high quality oil paving- and roofing-grade bitumens and polymer-bitumen binders. The plant today is an efficiently managed technological complex manufacturing high quality products. Quality means the capacity to produce 26 grades of paving bitumen under JITEX brand. JITEX is a logistics solution based on an alternative geographical principle consisting in the unique packaging for hard paving-grade bitumens and polymer-bitumen binders developed by the plant.  

Since December 2011, ALFA LLC has been managing Antipino train station and rendering tank car supply and removal services for the Antipinsky Oil Refinery and other counterparties at Antipino station, and maintaining railroad siding facilities in good repair.

Mariysky Oil Refinery is one of the largest enterprises in the Mari-El Republic. As of today, the actual refining capacity of the Mariysky Oil Refinery is over 1.6 million tons of oil per annum enabling it to produce over 20 types of petroleum products including stable natural gasoline, jet fuel ТС-1, industrial kerosene, various furnace and marine fuels, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil and tar which is processed into 10 grades of paving-grade bitumens.

Currently, the Mariysky Oil Refinery management made a decision to implement an intensive production development program. The program’s strategic goals for 2016-2019 include:

  • increasing the initial processing capacity to 7 MTPA (with a relevant increase in the terms of reference for trunk pipeline connection);
  • increasing the refining depth to 95-97%;
  • switching over to the production of Euro-5 compliant petroleum products.

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