1. Congratulations On The Occasion Of Oil And Gas Industry Day

Congratulations On The Occasion Of Oil And Gas Industry Day

5 September 2010

Dear colleagues!

For you and me this holiday is a specific reference point: we sum up the results, make plans for the future, discuss problems to be solved. The oilman day makes it possible to analyze our merits and achievements, correct areas of business, determine future professional prospects. We keep our individual calendar beginning and ending in September when we give each other an opportunity to summarize all we have lived and done. This professional year was difficult for us. However, it saw some days which are pleasant to recollect and, moreover, such days have become history. This year we have made a serious step forward: we have commissioned the facilities of the second phase.

Today more serious tasks have been set to us, such as the construction of the 3rd phase facilities. To implement this project as soon and efficient as possible your experience and professional skills will be needed as never before.

I would like to express my gratitude for contribution you make to the development of the refinery, for your devotion to professional activities and commitment to your work. Let me sincerely congratulate you on the holiday and wish you every professional success, good health, happiness and wealth!

Yours respectfully,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dmitry P. Mazurov

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