A Gift to the Town

25 July 2015

On July 25, a festive opening ceremony of the children’s playground and sports ground was held in Kazachy Luga mini-park. It was timed to coincide with two significant events: the celebration of the 429th anniversary of the city of Tyumen and the 50th anniversary of Leninsky Administrative District. The event opened with welcoming addresses by Roman Viktorovich Vollert, Head of the Uprava (Municipal Council) of Leninsky Administrative District, Valery Borisovich Ananyin, Deputy General Director (General Administration) of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC and Albina Mikhailovna Selezneva, Deputy of Tyumen City Duma.

The greetings were followed by the presentation of the new children’s playground, outdoor exercise complex and a separate ground for special needs children to town residents.  The gift to Kazachy Luga residents was given as part of the mini-park hard and soft landscaping project implemented by the Leninsky District Uprava of the Tyumen City Administration together with Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.

The opening ceremony culminated in a bright and versatile show titled “I Love You, Tyumen” presented by Tura Cultural Center performance groups on the stage built and equipped by the refinery. Parallel to the concert, participants of the “Pull-up Bar for Each Residential Courtyard” project presented their exhibition performance on the new sports ground and students of Tura Sports School demonstrated their pull-up skills using bars of various heights.

As part of the event, diplomas and prizes were awarded to the participants of the annual “Our Courtyard” competition aimed at improving the areas surrounding residential buildings, who competed in various categories. All the participants could get the City Day emblem and the Russian Federation flag painted on their faces.

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