Antipinsky Refinery is not engaged in independent commercial activities. All inquiries concerning the purchase and sales of products please address to ООО SOCAR Energoresource.
  1. The First Phase Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary!

The First Phase Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary!

30 September 2008

Dear partners and friends! Today the first production phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery marks its 2nd anniversary!

The very same day two years ago the first phase was put into operation, exactly for 2 years our enterprise has been manufacturing high quality oil products! But we are not treading water, the construction of facilities of the second production phase which will make it possible to swell the volume and improve the quality of output is underway! Congratulations on the holiday, friends!

Yours respectfully, the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

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