Victory Split Three Ways

17 April 2016

to enthusiastic support of all Yugra boxers

An open regional boxing tournament for the prizes established by Honored Master Athletes Evgeny Makarenko and Alexander Maletin held on April 14-17 in their native city of Nizhnevartovsk ended today. The Antipinsky Oil Refinery and Novy Potok (New Stream) Regional Non-profit Organization, who have extensively supported children’s and youth sports in the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District and Ural Federal District for a number of years, joined the tournament as partners.

The competition ended with an unexpected result. The “surprise”, however, did not have anything to do with sports achievements of Yugra athletes. The local boxers who grew up drawing on the example of their famous fellow townsmen Evgeny Makarenko and Alexander Maletin outperformed all other participants. As the saying goes, they outnumbered and outskilled everyone else: Nizhnevartovsk boxers did not take part only in four finals out of twenty two, in five of them members of the host team fought amongst themselves.

Among young men aged 13-14, the hosts won 6 highest awards. The winners included Bozegit Yakhyaev, Semen Lyamin, Artur Roskin, Dmitry Zakharov, Nurbek Culeimanov and Vladislav Chepizhko. Magomediuri Magomedov, Salman Abakarov and Vadim Lopushnyan from Pokachi, Khunkeran Tyulemeshev and Vladislav Kalin from Langepas, Ivan and Semen Kukotaiz from Raduzhny made it to the top of the podium as well. Among the leaders was Nikita Zavialov from Gornopravdinsk who rated as the tournament’s most technically skillful boxer.

The competition among young men aged 15-16 was led by Nizhnevartovsk athletes Amir Amirov, Marat Atavov, Felix Khalilov and Zubagir Zubagirov. Other winners included Dmitry Kanshin from Gornopravdinsk and Timur Nurushev from Nefteyugansk. Among juniors aged 17-18, the winners were Murod Ergashev from Langepas and Artem Arseniev from Nizhnevartovsk.

In total, over 80 young masters of the boxing ring from Gornopravdinsk, Nefteyugansk, Raduzhny, Kogalym, Langepas, Pokachi, Megion, Strezhevoy and Nizhnevartovsk of the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District competed at the Arena Sports Complex on April 13 - 17 for the title of best athlete.  “Yugra has all necessary facilities for those who wish to do sports and improve their athletic skills,” says Evgeny Makarenko, multiple world and European champion, deputy of the Tyumen Regional Duma. “Boxing is popular in our region. We have 120 highest category coaches and 5000 athletes doing boxing on a regular basis. The main thing now is not to rest on our laurels and move ahead”.

What was the WOW moment of the finals? At the finals opening ceremony, an unexpected proposal came from Vladimir Chernya, Honoured Coach of the USSR, the trainer of legendary Kostya Tszyu, a guest of honor who came to the Samotlor capital at the personal invitation of Evgeny Makarenko. “There is an idea,” he said, “to add to the name of the tournament the name of the person who trained the Honored Master Athletes loved so much in Russia and call it the “Tournament for the Prizes of Evgeny Makarenko, Alexander Maletin and Vasily Wolf.” The audience supported the initiative with rapturous applause. The tournament organizers promised to change the tournament name.

Evgeny Makarenko noted, “I am all for it.  We highly appreciate our trainer! He is shy and prefers keeping a low profile and putting us at the forefront”. 

Do they have anything like that anywhere else in Russia? A sports festival dedicated to as many as three famous athletes at the same time. Nizhnevartovsk, it seems, is about to create a precedent. 

Although why should it be surprising? The friendship between the two famous boxers and their trainer has become a legend, they are inseparable. Their friendship is only becoming stronger over time. 

That’s the way it is in Russia: everything is split three ways.

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