1. Awards for Excellence in Oil Refining

Awards for Excellence in Oil Refining

4 September 2015

On September 4, Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s main facility hosted an award ceremony for the enterprise employees timed to coinside with their professional holiday – Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Employee Day.

The ceremony was opened by a welcoming speech by Sergei Murzin, Acting Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Congratulations were also extended by Alexander Rymanov, Director General of Oil Assets Management CJSC, and public officials Leonid Ostroumov, Deputy Director/Department for Investment Policy  and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region, Sergei Medvedev, Deputy of Tyumen Regional Duma, Maxim Afanasiev, Deputy Head of Tyumen City Administration, Nikolai Romanov, Acting Chairman of the Tyumen City Duma.

This year, just as in previous years, the work of the enterprise employees was recognized at all levels. The best performing employees received Official Messages of Gratitude from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Certificates of Appreciation from the Tyumen Regional Duma, Letters of Recognition from the Tyumen City. A total of 14 awards were given out.

The ceremony was concluded with closing words by Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC. He emphasized that the refinery’s throughput had exceeded 700 thous. tons per month, thus setting a record among the country’s private oil refining enterprise. He said that the next important milestone in the development history of Antipinsky Oil Refinery would be the completion of construction and the commissioning, as early as in 2016, of the fuel oil deep processing unit, which will enable the refinery to draw level with the industry leaders. Dmitry Mazurov thanked the employees for their contribution to the initial and further development of the enterprise, patience and striving for new achievements and stressed that working at Antipinsky Oil Refinery was the privilege of the most competent, responsible and committed industry professionals.

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