1. Construction of Hydrogen Generation Unit at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Nearing Completion Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Construction of Hydrogen Generation Unit at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Nearing Completion Antipinsky Oil Refinery

12 September 2014

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery is completing the construction of the hydrogen generation unit used in the production of high-quality fuel meeting Euro-5 standard. The unit’s hydrogen generation capacity will be 22 thousand tons per annum.

Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry of the Republic of Bashkortostan State Unitary Enterprise is acting as general design organization. The process was developed by Haldor Topsoe (Denmark) and UOP (Belgium). As of today, the hydrogen generation equipment is almost completely assembled, the commissioning works are in progress.

The implementation of final stages (adsorbent loading and electrical power supply hookup) has begun at the short-cycle hydrogen adsorption unit enabling the production of 100% pure hydrogen by extracting tail gases blown back to the fuel network. The hydrogen generation unit will provide hydrogen for the future diesel hydrotreating unit, the construction of which is nearing completion.

At the moment, the hydrogen generation unit is undergoing inspection of spring pressure relief valves, hydrotreating and reforming sections are being purged and pressurized. They are waiting for the arrival of the compressor to start checking the unit for leaks. The demineralized water unit has been assembled. Preparations for commissioning works are underway. In the compressor plant building, works are carried out to check the alignment of the electric motor, compressor oil system flushing, to prepare the compressor gas cavity to be filled with nitrogen. Works to install the compressor plant floor heating system using the heating water are nearing completion.

In the feed water pump house, metal structures are being treated with flame-retardant coat and painted.

The construction of a technical building, which will house the controllers and equipment of the automated process control system, is underway. Once the building is completed, the works to set monitoring and metering instruments valves and electrical loads will commence.

At the final stage of the construction, the hydrogen generation unit will be connected to the interplant utility piping networks (steam, water, natural gas, hydrogen, condensate, circulating water, heating water, nitrogen, instrument air). Pipe racks have already been installed. 

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