1. Second StartUp Complex of Workflow Phase III Grandly Commissioned at Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Second StartUp Complex of Workflow Phase III Grandly Commissioned at Antipinsky Oil Refinery

8 December 2015

On December 08, 2015, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery held a grand ceremony to celebrate the commissioning of its second start-up complex of Workflow Phase III comprising three new facilities –– diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, hydrogen generation and elemental sulfur production unit. The commissioning of the complex enabled the refinery to launch the production of Euro-5 compliant diesel fuel.

The grand ceremony was held in the conference hall of the consolidated control facility located on the refinery premises. Among the attendees were Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakushev, Tyumen Region Governor, Sergei Evgenievich Korepanov, Head of the Tyumen Region Duma, Andrei Ivanovich Rutsinsky, Chief Federal Inspector for Tyumen Region, Dmitri Vladislavovich Solntsev, Deputy Chairman of Sberbank PJSC West Siberian Bank, Dmitry Petrovich Mazurov, Chairman of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Board of Directors, Gennady Alexeevich Lisovichenko, General Director of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC, other refinery executives and employees.

Before the ceremony, the distinguished guests had a tour of the enterprise enabling them to assess first hand the facilities built and the scale of the construction planned and already underway.

Opening the grand ceremony, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakushev noted that the commissioning of the second start-up complex was a very important step forward as the manufacturing of Euro-5 compliant diesel meant deep processing of crude oil and the solution to the challenges facing the country. Vladimir Vladimirovich thanked on his own behalf and on behalf of the Tyumen Region Government the shareholders of Antipinsky Oil Refinery for not stopping the project and for their commitment to follow through with it in contrast to investors who had suspended the development of their projects.

The Governor also addressed the General Director and employees of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery with words of gratitude, saying, “I would like to thank you for the worthy and important cause you are pursuing and for the enormous work you are doing. Everything is going according to the plan, and we are confident that the region together with the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will continue its steady advance in 2016”.

According to Andrei Ivanovich Rutsinsky, the investment project for the construction of the refinery’s Workflow III is among priority projects aimed at the development of investment activities in the Russian economy. It is being implemented in a planned manner, at a very high level and in compliance with the highest standards of enterprise industrial and environmental safety.

Dmitry Petrovich Mazurov started his welcoming speech by saying that it has become a good tradition with the Antipinsky Oil Refinery to have the Tyumen Region Governor among honorable attendees of its grand ceremonies held to celebrate the commissioning of the refinery’s new processing facilities. Not much time has passed since the commissioning of ELOU-AT-3 unit, but the company already has new achievements ready to be reviewed. Dmitry Petrovich emphasized that despite the challenging external and internal factors, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery development trend remains dynamic and positive. The commissioning of the second start-up complex marks the beginning of high-tech processes implementation at the refinery.

Moreover, in October, the refinery completed the upgrading of the entire primary refining complex enabling the refinery capacity to be certified at 9 M tons per annum. It put the Antipinsky Oil Refinery on a par with the country’s major oil refineries: as of today, it comes 13th out of the country’s 34 oil refining enterprises.

Dmitry Petrovich drew the attendees’ attention to the most important event to happen at the refinery next year – the commissioning of its deep refining complex scheduled to take place in two stages: first, the fuel oil vacuum distillation unit and then the deferred coking unit enabling the refinery to achieve one of the highest refining depths in the industry – about 97%. The only byproduct will be coke, which is also in demand. Once this is done, we would be able to say with certainty that oil price levels as such will not have much impact on the enterprise economics.

The Chairman of the Board also thanked Governor Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakushev for the support being rendered to the refinery.

Gennady Alexeevich Lisovichenko contributed to the words of gratitude exchanged by expressing his appreciation to the refinery’s contractors Unix LLC and Tekhinzhstroy LLC, and thanked Sberbank, the refinery’s key creditor, for financing, in particular, the construction of the integrated high-octane gasoline production unit. Gennady Alexeevich wished the refinery employees good luck, prosperity, good health and further achievements.

As the culmination of the ceremony, its attendees pressed a symbolic button to launch the diesel fuel hydrotreating complex.

We are confident that the good tradition of almost annual commissioning of new refining units at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will continue in the future.

Photos of Workflow Phase III second start-up complex commissioning ceremony

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