1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Celebrates Its Professional Holiday with a Running Competition

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Celebrates Its Professional Holiday with a Running Competition

29 August 2014

On August 29, 16 Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s employees took part in the running competition held at Zdorovie (Health) Cultural and Recreational Center to celebrate the upcoming Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Day.

The competition was divided into two events. The first one featured a 1000-meter men’s race and the second – a 500-meter women’s race. The men’s race route ran around the entire area of the complex, the women’s one was held on the stadium tracks.

10 runners participated in the men’s race. They included representatives of the Mechanical Repair Shop, Capital Construction Directorate, Electrical Shop, Legal Support Directorate, Security Service, Heat and Gas Supply Shop and other refinery’s subdivisions. The winner of the race was Andrei Merinov, Grade 5 Process unit repair technician with the Mechanical Repair Shop. Pavel Gaev, Electrical Engineer (Equipment Debugging and Operation) with the Electrical Engineering Laboratory of the Electrical Department at the Office of Chief Power Engineer, came in second. The third one was Konstantin Kamenev, Lead Specialist (General Construction Works) with the Capital Construction Department.

Six participants of the women’s race represented the refinery’s Central Laboratory, Office of Chief Power Engineer and HR Directorate.

The first one to complete the race was Julia Marchenko, Technician with the Office of Chief Power Engineer. Julia Akhmetdinova, Engineer-Laboratory Assistant with the refinery’s Central Laboratory finished a close second. Yekaterina Scherbakova, Grade 5 Chemical Laboratory Assistant with the Central Laboratory came in third.

The winners will be awarded letters of commendation and cash bonuses, the other athletes will receive certificates of participation. 

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