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  1. Antipinsky Oil Refinery Sums Up the Results of the Child Creativity Contest, «Happy Birthday to the Enterprise!»

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Sums Up the Results of the Child Creativity Contest, «Happy Birthday to the Enterprise!»

5 October 2013

On October 5, 2013 the contest commission jointly with the members of the Labor Collective Council of Antipinsky Oil Refinery has summed up the results of the child creativity contest called “Happy Birthday to the Enterprise!” timed to the 7th anniversary of the day when the first commercial batch of oil products was output by the refinery.

Thirty-two children aged 3-12 of the refinery employees took part in the contest. Sweet dishes were cooked for them in the canteen of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. In the beginning of the event Chairman of the Labor Collective Council Aleksandr Gunbin conducted a short quiz for the children. They answered questions about the refinery, said where their mothers and fathers work. After the intellectual contest the ceremony of awarding participants in the contest was held.

All artworks were appreciated as they really deserved it. Members of the contest commission took a decision to reward all who had taken part in the contest and brought his/her handicrafts and pictures. On that day each of the 32 participants was presented with a toy or a sweet. Radio-controlled toy cars, railways, computers, and microscopes, as well as game trolleys, were acquired beforehand as presents.

At the end of the event children and their parents thanked organizers for a wonderful holiday and promised to take part in future contests, too.

The children whose names are listed below, namely:

  • Enver Mametov, 8 years;
  • Nadezhda Tunguskova, 3 years;
  • Viktor Balatsky, 12 years;
  • Vladimir Balatsky, 4 years;
  • Yelizaveta Volkova, 6 years;
  • Maksim Gunbin, 8 years;
  • Viktoria Buryak, 5 years;
  • Arina Kiseleva, 11 years;
  • Anton Krivosheev, 9 years;
  • Margarita Yarmukhametova, 4 years;
  • Artyom Tveritin, 4 years;
  • Alina Berdnik, 11 years;
  • Yekaterina Yermolayeva, 8 years;
  • Stepan Puchkov, 4 years;
  • Snezhana Chekalina, 5 years;
  • Darya Nevidimova, 7 years;
  • Polina Badryzlova, 9 years;
  • Ksenia Badryzlova, 5 years;
  • Sofia Karpova, 12 years;
  • Matvei Moshkin, 6 years;
  • Arina Andrianova, 12 years;
  • Kirill Boyarskikh, 6 years;
  • Vlad Zavyalov, 6 years;
  • Viktoria Fateeva, 11 years;
  • Yelizaveta Bronnikova, 3 years;
  • Semen Zel, 3 years;
  • Aleksandra Ufimtseva, 9 years;
  • Irina Korikova, 11 years;
  • Andrei Karyavin, 6 years;
  • Yegor Korikov, 5 years;
  • Olga Govyadenko, 8 years;
  • Kristina Afanasieva, 6 years,

congratulated Antipinsky Oil Refinery on its birthday with their handicrafts and pictures.

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