1. The 15 Millionth Ton of Oil Refined at Antipinsky

The 15 Millionth Ton of Oil Refined at Antipinsky

31 March 2014

On March 31 the 15-millionth ton of oil was refined at Antipinsky Oil Refinery Closed Joint Stock Company. The enterprise began oil refining in 2006.

Today the program of modernization of existing and building of new facilities is being implemented dynamically at Antipinsky Oil Refinery for the purpose of the transfer to the output of Euro-5 diesel fuel and gasoline, the increase of oil processing depth to more than 94%, as well as for enhancing environmental and industrial safety. As of today the installed capacity of the enterprise amounts to 7.74 million tons of oil p.a.

The output of diesel fuel complying with Euro-5 standard requirements has already been scheduled for the 2014 yearend. It will become possible due to commissioning of the diesel-fuel hydrotreating unit, the hydrogen and elemental sulfur production unit with the granulation block. In the 4th quarter of 2015 the construction of a combined deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel-oil vacuum distillation block will be completed swelling thereby the processing depth up to more than 94%. In 2017-2018 it is planned to build the vacuum gasoil hydrocracking unit. In addition to that, the second hydrogen production unit and off-site facilities are to be built.

After completion of the construction of all workflow phases a wide range of oil products will be output as a result. In particular, AI-92, AI-95 Euro-5, Euro-5 diesel fuel (summer, winter), petroleum coke, granulated sulfur, gas-engine fuel (propane-butane automobile), as well as BTX petrochemical products. 

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