1. M-1 CHALLENGE 64: Alexander Shlimenko Makes a Triumphant Comeback

M-1 CHALLENGE 64: Alexander Shlimenko Makes a Triumphant Comeback

19 March 2016

On February 19, M-1 CHALLENGE 64 major international mixed martial arts tournament was held in the Olympic Sports Complex. The competition was supported by its traditional partners Novy Potok (New Stream) Regional Non-profit Organization and Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC.

The highlight of the event was the comeback of ex-Bellator champion Alexander Shlimenko who fought for the New Stream – Novy Potok team: one of Russia’ most popular athletes fought against ex-M1 champion Vyacheslav Vasilevsky. Upon the completion of three rounds, the judges by split decision ranked Shlemenko as the winner: one of the judges scored a draw, but the other two judges gave the victory to Alexander Shlimenko.

The Orenburg Wrestling Club and New Stream – Novy Potok team were represented at the tournament by Timur Nagibin. By unanimous decision of the the judges, Timur won a solid victory over his opponent from Ukraine Andrei Lezhnev!

The Chairman of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Board of Directors Dmitry Petrovich Mazurov and the President of Novy Potok (New Stream) Regional Non-profit Organization Yury Valerievich Navrazhny attended the competition to support the fighters.

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