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Best Volunteer Team

24 September 2015

In August 2015, pursuant to the order of the Ministry review competitions for the best volunteer team of the city of Tyumen. Based on the review of the materials presented by the organizations participating in the competition, the winner was the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s first aid and decontamination squad.

The first aid and decontamination squad is part of the forces and means of the enterprise’s voluntary emergency response and rescue teams (VERT) intended to provide first aid to persons who were injured while performing emergency response, rescue and other urgent operations (ERR&OUO). VERTs are based at the enterprise as part of the working shift and, if necessary, can take emergency measures in response to civil defense alert signals and measures to prevent or localize emergencies at the initial stage and start ERR&OUO before the arrival of the main forces. 

That is why the refinery’s first aid and decontamination squad is provided with modern equipment. For example, its equipment includes a set of vacuum immobilization splints, unique to Tyumen, designed for self- and mutual aid, first aid. It is used in cases of suspected fractures of lower legs, feet, forearms, elbow and knee joint injuries; extremities soft tissue injuries with external bleeding to ensure immobility (immobilization) of damaged limbs during transportation from the place where the injury occurred to the hospital.

I believe the refinery has deserved its first place, as the Antipinsky Oil Refinery management places high emphasis on providing the enterprise employees with cutting-edge first aid devices and emergency response equipment. The credit definitely goes to our employees who constantly improve their knowledge by taking training courses and participating in practical exercises and cope with their tasks,
says Alexander Ivanovich Babich, Head of the CD &ER Department of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Industrial and Occupational Safety Directorate.

I sincerely congratulate our winners! May they continue developing their professional skills and qualities, be positive and enjoy further achievements and new victories. And most importantly, may they never have to use their knowledge and skills in practice.

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