1. Employees of Antipinsky Refinery ran the "Green Marathon"

Employees of Antipinsky Refinery ran the "Green Marathon"

1 June 2017

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, took part in the annual sports and social project called the "Green Marathon".

This year, the "Green Marathon" brought together more than 65,000 participants fr om 54 cities of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Belarus, and India. In Tyumen, the event was held on the quay of the Tura river, wh ere about 3 thousand people came to try their hand.

This year, Antipinsky Refinery team consisted of 10 people and participated in the main 4.2 km race. Alexander Emelyanov, a refinery employee, showed one of the best results and came second in the competition.

It is noteworthy that the participants of the races included not only professionals, but newcomers as well. The sponsor, which was Sberbank, developed the route and rules of the marathon for all age categories: a race for kids under one year "Running booties," a children's 500 meters' race and an adult 4.2 kilometers' race. In addition, a special program was developed for handicapped participants. Besides, the participants and guests of the marathon could visit extreme bicycle shows, participate in contests and other entertainment events.

The "Green marathon" is an annual project that includes sport races in Russian cities. In Tyumen, the event is held for the sixth time.

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