1. Employees of Antipinsky Refinery participated in the Russian national project named ‘Healthy Country’

Employees of Antipinsky Refinery participated in the Russian national project named ‘Healthy Country’

21 October 2016
Employees of the main production asset of New Stream Group - Antipinsky refineries - have joined the ‘Healthy Country’ campaign. A joint project of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and ‘AiF’ publishing house is aimed at prevention of cardiovascular diseases and is being implemented through lectures and information meetings of employees of large enterprises with leading physicians.

Tatyana Pursanova, Doctor of Medical Science, M.D. Board certified in cardiology, Tyumen Regional Clinical Hospital, told the employees of Antipinsky Refinery how to recognize heart diseases at early stages. She noted that the major risk factors conducive to cardiovascular diseases development include bad habits, stress, and unhealthy diet. The doctor reminded of the need to follow some simple rules: attend medical examinations in a timely manner, monitor the cholesterol and blood sugar levels, do sports regularly.

At the end of the lecture, Tatiana Pursanova gave a number of practical recommendations, and wished good health to all the audience. The employees, in their turn, promised to follow all medical recommendations, especially that Antipinsky Refinery offers all necessary conditions for it. Social and HR policy improvement is one of the focal areas of the Refinery's activity. The enterprise has opened a medical station whose experts carry out regular medical examinations; it has several canteens offering a variety of meals. The employees also have the opportunity to do sports free of charge at the sports and fitness facilities, one of which was acquired in 2015 and is located on the territory of Refinery. In addition, Antipinsky Refinery workers regularly participate in various in-house and regional competitions and win prizes.

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