1. Two Coke Drums Delivered to Antipinsky Oil Refinery

Two Coke Drums Delivered to Antipinsky Oil Refinery

18 November 2014

November 18 marked the completion of a two-stage special operation (conducted on November 13 – 14 and November 17 – 18) to deliver oversized cargo – coke drums – to the Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

To avoid causing inconvenience for the Antipino Village residents and employees of the enterprises located along the Old Tobolky Highway, the cole drums were delivered at night from 11:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m.

As noted by specialists, the difficulty in transporting such large-sized cargo was that the route ran from the temporary berth on River Tura through the Antipino Village along Vodnikov and Alexander Pushkin Streets where there are numerous overhead power lines. Nevertheless, the both coke drums, thanks to the interaction between power engineers, specialists of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery and the transportation company, were delivered to the Antipinsky Oil Refinery construction site without any accidents.

The roadtrains were escorted en route by three squads of the special Road Patrol Service batallion. Bypass routes were arranged for emergency service vehicles.

The weight of each coke drum is over 465 tons, and the length comes to 42 meters. The length of the roadtrain was 51 meters.

Coke drums are the main part of delayed coking units. They are used for the production of petroleum coke lumps from heavy oil residues of primary and secondary processing (tars, fuel oils, cracked residues, etc.). 

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