1. Dear Veterans and Compatriots!

Dear Veterans and Compatriots!

8 April 2008

We congratulate you with all our hearts on the occasion our great holiday, the Victory Day!

Sixty-three years ago an event which changed the life of our country and all the global history of the XX century took place, i.e. the Great Patriotic War ended. We will never forget the heroism of Russian people who forged the Victory in the rear and at the front. We pay homage to those who perished on battlefields. We feel profound respect for the people who saved the world from Nazism at the expense of their own lives. The war claimed lives of millions of Russian people. But, at the same time the war demonstrated the heroism and the ability of millions of Russian citizens for self-sacrifice. The war did a lot of harm. Today each Russian citizen remembers heroic deeds of the soviet people who sacrificed their lives for this Great Victory. But, nevertheless, the 9th of May is a Holiday. Though it is a holiday “with tears in our eyes.” We wish you be happy, lucky, healthy, and, first and foremost, peaceful sky above our Motherland!

Yours respectfully, the staff of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

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