1. Happy Birthday, Antipinsky Oil Refinery!

Happy Birthday, Antipinsky Oil Refinery!

30 September 2015

Dear Colleagues, 

Allow us to sincerely congratulate you on our refinery’s birthday! It is symbolic that this date coincided with our important 2015 production success – the completion of the construction and commissioning of the 2nd stage of Workflow Phase III – diesel hydrotreating complex! This event is a starting point for the implementation of oil re-refining processes at the refinery and just a first step in a series of large-scale transformations.

The commissioning of the diesel hydrotreating unit with the capacity of 3 million tons per annum enabled us to produce our first diesel fuel meeting mandatory Euro-5 standards.

We have also commissioned auxiliary facilities, in particular, a highly compact recycling water supply system with the nominal design capacity of the recycling water supply unit of 7000m3/hr; hydrogen generation unit, sulfur recovery unit (with a granulation module), technical nitrogen and air production unit and the flare system. Further, we have completed and commissioned the LPG plant designed for the shipment of commercial liquefied motor gas Grade PA and PBA.  However, the production achievements listed above are just the beginning of deep refining processes development path. We shall continue making major investments to improve the enterprise’s technological complexity, increase the output of light petroleum products and refining depth, improve the enterprise’s competitiveness in the oil industry as a whole.

A new chapter has been written in the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s development history, and it would be no exaggeration to say that it has been written thanks to you, dear refinery employees. Thank you for your high professionalism, competence, responsibility, commitment and deep understanding that we all together are pursuing one and the same cause of great consequence and importance – not only are we strengthening the positions of our enterprise, but we are also contributing to the development of oil refining industry in the country. 

Allow us to once again congratulate you on this wonderful occasion and wish you all good health, family happiness and  trouble-free work!

Yours truly, Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

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