Safety Above All

27 August 2015

On August 26 –27, 2015, employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC underwent training in safe techniques and methods of performing works at height organized to demonstrate and solidify practical skills of performing works at height after the completion of the theoretical course.

“According to statistics, from thirty to forty percent of on-the-job injuries are associated with falls from heights, and therefore, it is important that enterprise employees are taught to use fall arrest equipment properly,” believes Andrei Fyodorovich Selevanov, a teacher at UPFIR Training Center, who acted as the instructor.

More than 30 refinery employees took part in the training including occupational safety service specialists, representatives of production shops, mechanical repair shop, electrical shop, instrumentation and automation shop, security service, i.e. the persons in charge of safe organization and performance of works at height, as well as persons performing such works.

“One of the focus areas in the Occupational Safety Policy developed and implemented by our Service last year is to provide training to Antipinsky Oil Refinery employees in the area of occupational safety through education and information. Such activities help to consolidated theoretical knowledge by using it in practice and fill in the gaps in our employees’ knowledge,” says Olga Ivanovna Purtova, Head of the Occupational Safety Service

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