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  1. Awards of Tyumen region and Russian Ministry of Energy go to employees of Antipinsky Refinery

Awards of Tyumen region and Russian Ministry of Energy go to employees of Antipinsky Refinery

2 September 2019
On August 30th, in the run-up to the Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day the national awards had been handed out to Antipinsky Refinery employees. The letters of acknowledgment from Russian Ministry of Energy were given by deputy governor of Tyumen region, Vyacheslav Vakhrin to the process pump operator Vladimir Buyakov and the process unit operator Evgeniy Belozerov. Also, the honorary certificates from governor of Tyumen region were given to the chief power engineer Andrei Mikhailov and the commercial operator Viktor Kulikov.

“I am much favoured with handing out these national awards to employees of Antipinsky refinery. Your plant is the flagship of the Tyumen region economy. Whatever the difficulties may get in the way of the refinery personnel, I’m sure all of them are surmountable. As one, we will get them over. The governor of Tyumen region, Alexander Moore is personally involved in all the activities aimed at renewing the operating processes of the plant”, emphasized the Deputy governor of Tyumen region, Vyacheslav Vakhrin.

The governor’s letters of acknowledgment as well as the Tyumen Duma and Tyumen Administration’s honorary certificates had been given to another 14 employees of Antipinsky Refinery.
General manager of Antipinsky refinery, Maxim Andriasov thanked colleagues for their work and noted that in spite of hard times faced by the company, the socio-economic stability of the personnel has been and remains a top priority for the leadership.

“The wind of change blowing now could be either resisted or found beneficial. Our team is having a unique chance to show their worth here. We’ll still be facing many difficult situations, but I, Maxim Andriasov, who is responsible before you for what has been happening, do guarantee that the lion’s share of the problems will not affect you. Me and my immediate circle, all together responsible, will have been dealing with them. We’ll do our best to screen you from all of this so that you could be normally proceeding with your work, doing your thing and returning home healthy, strong and loved. Please accept my heartiest congratulations and wishing you the best of health! Also, wishing you to stay involved in the current developments with the vibes as part of the situation as observed from across Russia if not worldwide!”, noted General manager of Antipinsky refinery, Maxim Andriasov in his congratulatory speech.

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