1. Attention! New Stream warns of new facts of fraud using the brand "Antipinsky Oil Refinery"

Attention! New Stream warns of new facts of fraud using the brand "Antipinsky Oil Refinery"

3 December 2018
New Stream informs about the discovery of fraudulent actions by intruders using logos, corporate identity and photos of enterprises, managed by JSC New Stream, in particular Antipinsky Oil Refinery, in order to deceive individuals and legal entities like in Russia, and abroad.

At the moment, it has been established that the scammers created the site of the non-existent plant LLC Kargapolsky Nefrasov Plant (http://kargapolsky-refinery.ru/), visually similar to the site of the Antipinsky Refinery. On the indicated fake website, original photos and materials of the Antipinsky Refinery are used, and the data of real employees from among the company's management are indicated. Malefactors use email addresses as info@gargapolsky-refinery.ru and sales@kargapolsky-refinery.ru as contacts.

On this fact of fraud, the Antipinsky Refinery sent information to the law enforcement agencies to curb the illegal activities of intruders.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences, we ask you to be vigilant and prudent. If you suspect contact with fraudsters (telephone calls, email correspondence), please immediately inform Antipinsky Refinery JSC on the Security Service Hotline - phone: +7 800 700-23-97, +7 (3452) 532- 397 ext. 3397; Email: hotline@annpz.ru.

We also remind you that earlier cases of fraud by an unknown group of persons calling themselves representatives of ANPZ-Product LLC, the official wholesale distributor of Antipinsky Refinery, were identified. It was preliminarily established that the attackers phoned the possible counterparties of the Antipinsky Refinery in order to conclude commercial contracts. The fraudsters corresponded with similar e-mail addresses “@ annpz-product”, but with the domain “.com” instead of the original “.ru”, and also used the names and surnames of the current employees of the company.

We draw your attention to the need to verify the authenticity of electronic addresses: the official domains of LLC ANPZ-Product are “@ annpz-product.ru”, the actual telephone numbers for communication are: +7 (3452) 53-23-92, 28-44- 64.

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