1. Antipinsky Refinery Tested an Innovative Method of Delayed Coker Cleaning

Antipinsky Refinery Tested an Innovative Method of Delayed Coker Cleaning

21 August 2017
Antipinsky Refinery, the main production facility of the New Stream Group, has successfully tested the innovative for the Russian oil industry method of cleaning the pipelines of the heating furnace in the tar delayed coker.

The technology of the decoking of coils (pipelines), considering the technical characteristics of the furnace for heating heavy oil residues, was developed for Antipinsky Refinery by an international company with many years of experience in the design and installation of equipment for the oil and gas industry – Amec Foster Wheeler.

The procedure for cleaning infrastructure objects of the delayed coker is known as spalling (from English “spalling” – to crush, to break). The principle of operation of this method is based on chemical processes occurring at certain temperatures. The coke deposited in the coil is cracked by the increased surface temperature and the high mass velocity of the condensate, which is used in the process of the pipeline’s decoking. The cracked coke goes the coke oven, thus completing the process of cleaning the coils.

The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that while one pipeline is being cleaned, others remain in operation. This technology allows not interrupting the production process, while the widespread way of servicing the coils in Russia involves a complete stoppage of the facility and mechanical cleaning of the pipes. With the use of the spalling method, the amount of saving money in annual terms reaches 500 million rubles. In addition, the developed cleaning technology can significantly increase the service life of coils.

For the first time the spalling of the coils of the tar delayed coker was carried out at Antipinsky Refinery with own resources: before that, licensors of technology were invited to clean the unit. The process of decoking of the delayed coker pipelines takes about one and a half days and requires no more than three employees.

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