1. Antipinsky Refinery supported the future engineering elite

Antipinsky Refinery supported the future engineering elite

31 May 2017

Antipinsky Refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, has partnered the annual contest of scholarships "Future Engineering Elite" held by Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT).

The enterprise established three one-time scholarships for the entrants having won in international and regional olympiads, having achievements in public and scientific activities. More than a hundred of graduates of Tyumen, Kurgan, Tobolsk, and other cities of Urals Federal District took part in the competition. The winners were chosen by the jury on the basis of their portfolio which included papers and achievements over the last three years.

One of Antipinsky Refinery scholarship winners was Oleg Korolyov, a UIT Lyceum graduate, who commits his future with working as an engineer at a large production enterprise. 'I'm interested in designing complex mechanisms. I would like to try to do this on a serious industrial company scale,' Oleg said.

Another scholarship student, Svetlana Kuznetsova, said that she wanted to study chemistry at university and has already chosen several interesting specialties. The third winner, Oleg Golous, also made his choice in favor of the technical field. All three representatives of the future engineering elite were also presented with memorable gifts from Antipinsky Refinery.

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