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  1. Antipinsky Refinery started selling motor gasoline at SPIMEX

Antipinsky Refinery started selling motor gasoline at SPIMEX

1 February 2019

Antipinsky Refinery in January 2019 started the implementation of motor gasoline of Euro-5 quality standard at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX).

According to the results of the last month, the enterprise delivered more than 7.5 thousand tons of 95 RON, 92 RON and 80 RON to the domestic wholesale market. In addition to motor gasoline Antipinsky Refinery also sent for sale on the exchange additional volumes of diesel fuel (DT) quality standard Euro-5. Thus, at the end of January 2019, 12 thousand tons of diesel fuel were sold at SPIMEX.

Part of Antipinsky Refinery in the exchange trade is carried out in the framework of the program on increasing the volume of sales in the domestic market in order to execute the prisoner with the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the agreement on measures to stabilize fuel prices in the Russian market.

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