Antipinsky Refinery is not engaged in independent commercial activities. All inquiries concerning the purchase and sales of products please address to ООО SOCAR Energoresource.
  1. Antipinsky refinery renews its operation

Antipinsky refinery renews its operation

19 July 2019
After an almost three-month downtime, the refinery is in operation again.

JSC Antipinsky Refinery remains the only oil-processing plant in Tyumen region and Ural Federal District and a largest independent refinery in Russian Federation connected to the oil trunk pipeline (total capacity of 7.5 MTPA) and product trunk pipeline (total capacity of 2.3 MTPA) with a refining capacity of 7.5 MTPA.

Facing a financial squeeze caused by inefficient solutions of the former management as well as by misguided actions of some off-takers (traders), in April the refinery has been put into recycle mode. Oil delivery to the refinery was suspended, production output discontinued.

Through the support of Sberbank, even during this troubled period the enterprise did not cease paying salary to its numerous personnel.

At present, the plant is going to operate as an oil processor obtaining crude oil from the supplier OOO SOCAR Energoresource, a joint venture with participation of PJSC Sberbank and a group of industry-specific investors. Such arrangements will keep the company running and maintaining its investment attractiveness.

We hope that the products of OOO SOCAR Energoresource produced through the facilities of Antipinsky Refinery will be highly merchantable in the domestic and export markets.

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