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  1. Antipinsky Refinery products among 100 best in Russia

Antipinsky Refinery products among 100 best in Russia

16 December 2019
In follow-up of results of 2019 Antipinsky Refinery has become a laureate of the contests “100 Best Goods of Russia” and “Best Goods and Services of Tyumen Region”. The awards ceremony took place on December 11 in the Administration of Tyumen region.

“The regional competition allows to demonstrate all the pallet of goods produced and services delivered across our region, modelling its favorable image while continuing to develop it in all directions. Nowadays in the competitive market conditions the one should constantly move forward in producing new goods and providing services”, noted Andrei Panteleev, Deputy Governor of Tyumen Region.

Antipinsky’s diesel fuel and motor gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 of Euro-5 class have won awards in “Best Goods and Services of Tyumen Region”. Additionally, the diesel fuel has been awarded within “100 Best Goods of Russia”.

Antipinsky Refinery does regularly take up leading positions in the regional and federal competitions. Like that, the company has become winner of the contest “Industry Leader of Russia – 2018” in nomination of “Oil Refining Industry”.

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