1. Antipinsky Refinery keep dialogue with the public

Antipinsky Refinery keep dialogue with the public

26 May 2017
Antipinsky Refinery keep dialogue with the public
Antipinsky refinery, the main production asset of New Stream Group, organized and conducted a tour for representatives of the regional branch of All-Russian People's Front, environmental organizations, and the residents of the village of Antipino located near the enterprise.

The event is part of the program developed jointly with the Government of Tyumen region and the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor under the Year of Ecology. Members of the public visited the main production sites and the refinery's treatment facilities. At the end of the tour, the participants of the event met the Chief Engineer of Antipinsky Refinery, Sergei Murzin, in a question-and-answer session.

'In its activities, Antipinsky Refinery adheres to the principle of maximum openness. Meetings with both members of the public and with the inhabitants have become a tradition. We are always eager to show and tell about our production features, proving the environmental friendliness and safety of modern technologies by deed, not by words. In addition, we make it a point to maintain a constant dialogue with the public, to hear people's opinions, because we always strive for the residents of Tyumen region to be proud of Antipinsky Refinery,' Sergei Murzin said during the meeting.

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