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  1. Antipinsky Refinery is a high-tech leader

Antipinsky Refinery is a high-tech leader

19 June 2019
Antipinsky Refinery has become a winner of the annual innovative project competition “High Technology Leader”. The company has been honored in nominated category “Fuel and Refinery Industry”.

A project for Integrated High Octane Gasoline Production Unit, commissioned in 2018, has been highly regarded by the contest committee. The unique character of the IHOGP unit lies in its compactness: all sections are being located within the one production facility.

Antipinsky Refinery is a frequent winner and prize-taker in various reginal and federal competitions. In such a way, the company gained an upper hand in competition “Industry Leader of Russia – 2018” in the nominated category “Refinery Industry”, yet the diesel fuel produced by Antipinsky Refinery was regarded as best at the competition “Best goods and services of Tyumen region – 2018”.

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