1. Antipinsky Refinery Increased Its Key Production Indicators by 22%

Antipinsky Refinery Increased Its Key Production Indicators by 22%

10 August 2017
Antipinsky Refinery, the key refinery of the New Stream Group, summarizing the results of its work in July 2017, showed a 22% increase in basic production indicators compared to the same period last year.

In the reporting month, the total volume of produced light petroleum products amounted to 370 thousand tons, while last year this figure was at the level of 303 thousand tons.
In July 2017, the production of straight-run gasoline increased by 20% (from 101 thousand tons to 120 thousand tons), the production of technical gas granulated sulfur increased almost 2.5 times (from 905 tons to 2186 thousand tons).

As a result of the previous month, Antipinsky Refinery also showed an increase in production of diesel fuel of the Euro 5 standard by 7%: from 198 thousand tons to 211 thousand tons. In July 2017 the enterprise produced 34 thousand tons of coke, as well as 3 thousand tons of liquefied hydrocarbon gases.

Reducing the costs associated with the transportation of crude oil, optimization of production processes and refusal to produce oil residual in connection with the commissioning of a deep fuel oil processing unit allowed not only increasing of the production of light oil products, but also reducing the costs for the purchase of raw materials for processing. As a result of July 2017, the facility processed 642 thousand tons of oil.

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