1. Antipinsky Refinery hired a two thousandth employee

Antipinsky Refinery hired a two thousandth employee

12 September 2017
The main production enterprise of New Stream Group Antipinsky Refinery staff now counts two thousand people.

The two thousandth employee of the enterprise is a fitter for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment. Antipinsky refinery systematically increases the number of staff due to the regular growth of production capacity. Only in 2017, in connection with the commissioning of new technological facilities, including the high-octane gasoline production unit, the company's staff will increase by more than 200 people.

Antipinsky Refinery has a special recruitment system in place, including checking the skills and competences of candidates through case studies and testing. For the onboarding period, each specialist is assigned a mentor from among experienced specialists.

Antipinsky refinery has repeatedly been among the most attractive and sought-after employers of Tyumen region. Since 2006 - the beginning of the commercial operation of the plant - annually the company's staff increases by an average of 165 people. To date, three quarters of the plant's personnel are specialists in the manufacturing sector. Thirteen people from the current staff of Antipinsky refinery have been working continuously since 2006.

The average age of Antipinsky Refinery staff is 35. Meanwhile, the company pays special attention to young specialists, in particular, practical modular training is organized at the enterprise, which allows students of relevant training programs to come in touch with the production processes and obtain primary professional skills. In addition, excursions are conducted regularly on technological sites for university students as part of the program for cooperation between the enterprise and partner universities.
Antipinsky Refinery is the largest production enterprise of New Stream Group. The number of employees of another enterprise of the Group, Mariysky Refinery, is more than 600 people. In total, more than 5,000 employees work in New Stream Group enterprises, including Antipinsky Refinery. The management company of the Group, JSC New Stream, has 240 employees.

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