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  1. Antipinsky Refinery took part in the Victory parade

Antipinsky Refinery took part in the Victory parade

13 May 2019

Antipinsky Refinery took part in the parade dedicated to the 74th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. More than 200 employees of the plant passed through the Central part of Tyumen as part of the column of the Leninsky administrative district of the city.

This year there was developed a special concept of a unified design column "Tyumen – front", in which the participants of the solemn events presented soviet enterprises that supplied the army with the necessary supplies and equipment.

In its turn, Antipinsky Refinery presented the exposition of the evacuated to Tyumen plant №241 of the people's Commissariat of aviation industry of the USSR. The Soviet company during its deployment in Tyumen produced more than 600 landing gliders, including those developed by aircraft designer Oleg Antonov models A-7. As part of the festive parade, a model of one of these gliders was placed on a special car heading the column of the refinery.

In addition to participation in the parade Antipinsky Refinery together with the military Commissariat of Lenin Administrative District congratulated veterans of the great Patriotic war and gave them gifts. Besides, employees of the enterprise organized fund raising for needs of children of war, home front workers and veterans of work.

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